Monday, March 2, 2009

Many, many developments!

Well, I'm finally back on the blog! I've been extremely busy these past few weeks. But a lot has been accomplished with the help of so many people -- thanks to everyone who is working to make "The Egg Timer" come alive.

I have finished casting for the film. I'm so excited about all of the wonderful actors who will create the characters in our film. Here is the cast list:

Ellen --- Stacia Rice
Ruth --- Linda Kelsey
Dr. Larson --- Charles Brin
Ryan --- Kevin Singer
Lucy --- Renee Werbowski
Joe Marsh --- Adam Thompson
Young Ellen Marsh --- Delaney Burke

I'm also very excited that Greg Winter has agreed to be director of photography on the film. He has great experience and I know will bring a substantial artistic and technical expertise to the film.

We have almost finished the location scouting as well. Now we must work completing placement of production insurance and obtaining permits. I will also be finalizing the AFTRA contract for the three union actors who will act in the film. And I will be sending out a rehearsal schedule in the next few days.

So....things are really coming together and I look forward with anticipation and excitement to the last weekend in March when shooting will begin!


Nick said...

Are you done building your crew yet? Can I help?

Emily Haddad said...

Hi Nick,

Sorry it's taken so long to respond to you. I've been very very busy!!!! And I confess I haven't been checking my blog that much.

I think your best bet is to contact Mike Tabor or Greg Winter...they're really responsible for crew on the production and DP side.

Thanks for the offer of help, Nick. Hope to see you on location.