Thursday, March 12, 2009

People joining our Production

We've added some terrific people to our production in the past two weeks. On the producer side we now have Amy Thompson as Production Manager and Julie Kaupa as Line Producer. Both of them have a lot of talent and experience and will be great assets to the film.

Cheri Anderson is our Production Designer/Art Director. She has worked on many projects, including several feature length films and I'm looking forward to working with her on creating just the right look and production design for the film.

I'm very happy that John Simms has agreed to do sound for the film during the second weekend of our shoot. John spent a couple hours going over the script with me a few months ago and I'm so happy to have his expertise at work in the sound department.

Dina Dainty is on board for Makeup and hair. Deborah Fiscus is helping in the wardrobe department.

Thanks to everyone for joining us on the film, lending their extensive talents to create a beautiful film!!!

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