Monday, February 9, 2009

More Auditions

Hi everyone,

Last week we had two more days of auditions. A&E Casting came up with many talented actors. We filmmakers are indeed lucky to be making films in the Twin Cities where there is such tremendous talent.

Now I am engaged in the difficult process of choosing from such a terrific talent pool!!!

I hope to make most of the final decisions this week; and I'll keep everyone posted on this blog.

Shelly, our location manager, is busy scouting locations and I think we'll have more information on that subject during the next week.

Thanks again for everyone's help on the film.


Lisa said...


it's wonderful to follow your progress on this project. i've worked in television production for years and am working diligently to gain knowledge with all things related to film.

please keep me in mind if you happen to need any pa help. i'd love the opportunity to "work for knowledge".

l. walker

Emily Haddad said...

Sorry for the huge delay in responding, Lisa.

The person to contact about helping on the film is the producer consultant for the film, Mike Tabor.

Thanks for your offer.