Wednesday, June 24, 2009


WOW -- it's been a long time since I wrote on this blog. A tremendous amount of post-production work has been done on the film. After previewing the rough cut to a dozen or so people in May, I made changes primarily to the beginning and end of the film. These changes weren't in the original shooting script, but the film needed them to really bring the story home to the viewer from an emotional point of view.

Joe Martin and I also worked on editing the film to make it breathe more, opening up a few scenes to give the viewer time to take in the atmosphere, characters and story.

After several more weeks of editing and showing the film to different people we reached "picture lock" and the film went to Splice Here's colorist, Michael Sandness and his color assistant, Ross Fleming. Greg Winter and I met with them a couple times to view and comment on the color corrections done on the film. Michael and Ross did a fantastic job unifying the film with beautiful, deep colors matching the mood of the film and the landscape!!

As I write this post, Kent Militzer, sound mixer for Splice Here is working on the soundtrack for "The Egg Timer." We previously recorded the classical guitar soloist (Joan Griffith) playing a Haydn sonata for the second montage and end credits of the film.

We've also sent the film over to Motion 504. They will work on graphics and animation necessary to complete the film.

The film is on track to be completed by the middle of July.

Thanks again to the folks at Splice Here and Motion 504 for all their work on the film.


Ok Now said...

Hello Emily,
Thanks for your latest blog entry. The amount of post-production work as described was very informative. The amount of support you received on this project is truly amazing! I look forward to seeing the finished film, at the Fete.

I would like to ask you some questions about certain technical aspects of the production. Where can I email you?

Lastly, congratulations on the completion of the project.


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